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After hours of seaching your cupboard you pick a dress with a storm in your head if its right choice. And when you finally know what you want to wear, the right shoes are even harder to find. And then the accessories, hair and makeup. At the end of the day you are Beautiful…

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Simple Beauty

Take a small bunch of hair from the front of your ears and twist it as you bring it to the back. Do the same on the other side. Pin it together in the middle at the back.

This look great especially when it is adorned with flowers… a tradition that makes a tamil Indian girl who she is.

Take pride in you who are. You are beautiful...

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and Great Looks - Traditional Tips

Bothered by dry, dark and flaky elbows? Rub coconut oil in circular motions every day to get smoother elbows.

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Hair Styler

Hair Care Tips

Tip #01

Too much or too less?

When it comes to hair care, its need just the right amount of everything. Washing your hair everyday can make it dry and fizzy although twice a week is absolutely necessary.!

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Know your Hair

Fun Quiz

How much do you know about your crowning beauty?
VVD here yields you with an opportunity to get to know more about your lovely mane.

Here is a quiz to oil your brain about what grows over it.

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